British Foreign Secretary: Committed to Supporting the Palestinian People

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced yesterday an additional allocation of £10 million in humanitarian aid for civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories, in response to the escalating conflict-induced conditions.

Addressing the House of Commons, Prime Minister Sunak called for immediate permission for humanitarian organizations to deliver life-saving aid.

This latest commitment to aid is a response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, including shortages of essential goods and an increase in displacement due to the conflict, according to a statement from the British Embassy in Cairo.

This funding will enable trusted partners, including major United Nations agencies, to provide essential relief items, including food, water, and urgent shelter, in line with on-the-ground needs.

The United Kingdom is also exploring options to transport humanitarian relief supplies closer to the region and coordinating with relief organizations for efficient and speedy distribution.

In a statement to Parliament, Sunak declared, "I am proud that we continue to provide significant and consistent humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. Today, I can announce that we will increase our aid by a third, providing additional support of £10 million."

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated, "We are committed to supporting the Palestinian people – they too are victims of Hamas. This funding will provide vital and life-saving support to the besieged Palestinian civilians in this conflict, who are in desperate need of assistance."

United Nations estimates indicate that over a million Palestinians have been displaced so far. Prior to the recent escalation in hostilities, the United Nations assessed that nearly 60% of Gaza's population already required humanitarian aid, including over 1.5 million in need of food assistance and 1.6 million in need of health and nutrition aid.

This announcement represents a 37% increase to the current funding from the United Kingdom, which amounts to £27 million this year, and naturally provides crucial support to the region. This includes the £10 million increase announced by the Foreign Secretary during his visit last month.

The United Kingdom is committed to alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary have engaged with partners in Israel, Egypt, and other international allies regarding the opening of the Rafah crossing to allow urgent humanitarian aid into Gaza, as stated in the release.

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