Google Enhances Note-Taking with Artificial Intelligence in Keep

Google is currently working on incorporating artificial intelligence features into its note-taking application known as Google Keep. One of these new features, known as Magic Lists, has been identified in the installation file (APK) of the app's latest version, and it is expected to be made available to all users in the near future.

Users will be able to utilize this new feature to create lists for any topic or plan within the application using generative artificial intelligence. Once the text command is entered, it will be transformed into an easily editable list of points.

It is worth noting that Google itself emphasizes that the items generated by artificial intelligence in these lists should not be considered "real," in order to prevent users from relying on them for critical tasks.

It should be mentioned that Google has already begun providing the NotebookLM note-taking tool based on artificial intelligence several months ago. This tool allows users to add documents and sources to it, and then artificial intelligence analyzes the texts and generates content, carrying out various tasks based on this information.

Google is making determined efforts to integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into a diverse range of its services and applications. Despite the simplicity of the Google Keep note-taking application, this has not deterred Google from incorporating some artificial intelligence features into it without fundamentally altering its interface or common use.

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