Noteworthy Features of Truecaller Premium Paid Version


Truecaller, the Swedish app renowned for caller identification, is undeniably the go-to destination for anyone receiving a call from an unknown or unregistered number. It assists in blocking annoying numbers and reporting harassers. In fact, the app has even evolved to help you determine if it's the right time to make a call to the other party! Truecaller truly encompasses all these features, offering a clutter-free calling experience.

While the app is free and offers most of its features without charge, the paid version, "Truecaller Premium," grants users numerous additional tools and features on top of the basic ones, in exchange for a simple monthly or yearly subscription. Let's shine a light on the most significant ones to see if the subscription is worthwhile.

1. No Annoying Advertisements:

Truecaller Premium provides an ad-free interface, ensuring a seamless user experience without intrusive banners. This includes both pop-up business cards at the bottom and the in-app advertisements from Truecaller itself, such as within the call log and SMS section. Subscribers enjoy an "uninterrupted" experience, free from any type of ads or unwanted pop-ups during the subscription period.

2. Profile Visitors Tracker:

Being a Truecaller Premium subscriber allows you to see who has searched for your phone number and viewed your profile. The paid version not only displays the names of these individuals but also provides the exact time of their profile visit and their associated number. This feature is particularly useful in identifying unknown parties and can also be utilized for business purposes, such as targeting potential customers with promotional offers.

3. Incognito Mode:

Truecaller Premium includes an Incognito mode similar to that found in web browsers. However, here its purpose is slightly different. The paid version allows users to view the profiles of others and gather information about them without notifying them. It's as if you never visited their profile in the first place. This feature is not enabled by default after subscribing to Truecaller Premium, and users must activate it in the "Who viewed my profile" section.

4. Automatic Update of Spam Number Database:

In addition to having the world's largest mobile phone directory, Truecaller also maintains a massive database of spam numbers from various countries. The app builds this database through user reports of numbers associated with telemarketers and marketing companies. For users of the free version, this database is not automatically updated as it is in Truecaller Premium. This means that while the database is continuously updated for Premium users, the same number might continue to pester users of the free version.

5. Increased Call Requests:

Did you know that Truecaller can actually help you make new friends from all over the world? Thanks to the "Discover" feature, Truecaller users can initiate conversations with others without disclosing their phone numbers or knowing personal details about them. With Truecaller Premium, you can send up to 30 call requests to people you've connected with through the app. Once the other party accepts the request, you'll gain access to their personal phone number, email, Facebook profile, and more.

6. Display of Premium Badge in Your Profile:

One of the fun features in the paid version of Truecaller is the Premium Badge, which appears as a crown next to your picture in your profile. This badge is visible to anyone who searches for your number or visits your profile, or even within the pop-up business card during calls. It gives a positive impression of your affiliation with Truecaller Premium. This feature is particularly significant if your number is used for business or marketing purposes, as it assures the recipient that your number is not spam.

In conclusion, these are some of the standout features of the paid version of Truecaller Premium. It costs $4.49 monthly or $29.9 annually, with an 80% discount currently available for New Year's. However, whether it's worth it or not is ultimately your decision. Some may find the paid version highly beneficial, while others may not see its value. We'd be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments!