You have Technique problems! Here are 5 rooms on Reddit a treasure trove to solve all your problems hours after posting them for free


Reddit has owned a large base of users since its appearance, and according to traffic reports and views sites, the site has more than a billion and a half visitors per month. Yeah ! That is because of the great importance it has as a social networking site.

If anything is more interested in Reddit it is "the rooms", because it provides you with a grouping of lots of people with your same interests so that you can get an answer to any problem you want to inquire about for free. On the basis of this, today we have 5 rooms that will help you solve all your technical problems hours After writing it, by senior specialists in the field and in the English language (no one will answer you if you write your problems in Arabic).

1-r / TechSupport

This room has more than 1.4 million members at present, and the number is expected to increase in the future. You can have a lot of real-time helpers to get your problems answered in no time. This room specializes in solving various computer hardware or software problems.

2-r / buildapc

For those who have trouble choosing the perfect computer to buy, this room, as its name suggests, "Build a PC", its members are ready to provide you with the best computers for your needs. You will get recommendations from experts according to personal experiences, and we rarely find this in an era in which there are many advertisements, because this group is a treasure in every sense of the word.

3-r / applehelp

It is clear that we have not forgotten the followers who use Apple devices, and who have intractable problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible. In this room, you can find solutions related to the iOS operating system, without forgetting the Macbooks, where you will ask your question or inquiry in detail in English, and more than a thousand experts and intermediate people will be ready to answer the question in a few hours.

4-r / PickAnAndroidForMe

Probably, a day will come when you think about buying a new phone, and due to the huge number of phone companies available around the world, you will have difficulty choosing the best one for you. It is no secret to you that when searching through Google or YouTube, 80% of the reviews are paid ads, and therefore you cannot know the hidden negatives of most phones. With this room, you will be able to ask your question about the best phones, get a careful review of personal experiences, learn about potential problems or camera quality and many criteria with an accurate description.

5-r / AndroidQuestions

You might have encountered a lot of problems while using your Android smartphone, software update errors, automatic shutdown and jitter, etc. In this room you will get comprehensive help from experts to solve your complex and medium problems with an adequate answer. You will need to write a question in English and wait hours for your answer.

If you find more rooms, we will be happy if you can share them with us by contacting us.

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