tools to hack Wi-Fi networks on Windows


In the world of computers and systems, each system has specific uses and a goal for it, but Microsoft changed this rule when it launched the Windows system, so it became a system dedicated to everything and anything: office work, programming, design, playing games ...

but it is still It is not yet a system that hackers and penetration testers rely on to fully conduct penetration testing

But this does not exclude Microsoft's system completely, as we previously proposed a set of hacking software for the Windows system, and this article will not differ much, but this time we will devote to talking about the most prominent Wi-Fi hacking tools that can be run on the Windows system efficiently

We remind you, dear reader, that this article is intended for its specialists, for people who want to learn to detect Wi-Fi penetration without changing a system such as Linux, and that this article does not intend to harm anyone as much as it intends to enlighten you about hacking software intended for Windows

Waircut tool

Waircut is considered one of the most popular programs used in the Windows system dedicated to testing Wi-Fi penetration easily

The program includes the famous Pixiewps software, and it can be considered that the program is an embodiment of this program’s interface by virtue of it being a non-graphic command line program

Waircut can extract the passwords of Wi-Fi networks affected by the WPS vulnerability, so that the program can extract the Pin and directly extract the Wi-Fi password

The software is freely available for Windows

CoWPAtty Tool

CoWPAtty is a program that allows you to detect the penetration of Wi-Fi networks with WPA encryption by performing a set of operations such as the Bruteforce process using a dictionary

There are other features of the tool that help you study the network more and collect information about it as well

The tool is originally available for Linux, but there is a version on Windows that performs the same function that you can use to perform penetration tests on the networks you want

InSSIDer tool

It is not an actual hacking tool, but this tool is able to scan your private network and provide you with various information about it and the best settings for your network in order to get a better connection

 the tool can also detect hidden networks in your area, if you want to see some hidden networks that do not appear to you immediately Normal, this tool can help you with that

The tool is freely available on Windows as well as on Mac Os


It is a popular tool in the Linux system, especially in the Kali Linux and Wifislax crime systems, who specialize in testing Wi-Fi penetration

The software provides you with a complete tool in your hands to detect Wi-Fi networks, collect information about them, and launch different penetration testing processes according to the type of network

Airjack Tool

Another hacking tool for testing Wi-Fi penetration, was originally available on Linux and became available on Windows as well

The tool spies on Wi-Fi networks, and controls the packets sent between the user and the network

one of its most prominent and strongest features is the de-authentication process that the tool performs, which literally expels all those connected from the network and prevents them from communicating with it

Aircrack-ng tool

One of the most powerful tools ever in hacking Wi-Fi networks, it is a collection of Wi-Fi penetration tools that integrate with each other in order to test network penetration, as it captures, analyzes, penetration testing, decoding, receiving Packets and much more

The tool is not graphical, it works almost the same as it does on Linux, and you will need to follow some videos in order to learn the test command line using the Aircrack-ng tool

Airsnort tool

It is a tool that you may not need much in the process of hacking Wi-Fi networks

In fact, it is a tool specialized in hacking Wi-Fi networks with WEP encryption, which is an encryption that is no longer used by most users, and the majority of routers in their usual mode come with WPA / WPA2 encryption

However, if you come across a WEP-encrypted network and you cannot find any tool on Windows to detect intrusions into that network, feel free to try Airsnort

Wireshark tool

It is not a tool specialized in hacking Wi-Fi networks directly, but it is a tool that allows you to spy and view Packets (encrypted information that is sent and received in a specific network)

If you run the Wireshark tool while you are connected to a specific network, you can scan the network and extract the callers on it

Then choose one of the IP's that you see and view all the data that it sends and receives, of course the data will be encrypted and here your skill in the field of encryption also interferes

Wireshark is considered one of the most dangerous hack tool ever