Google announces the provision of 5 gigabits per second Internet connection via Google Fiber


Google Fiber, Google's high-speed home internet service, is expanding its coverage to 3 new cities in the US. The new cities are Kansas City, West Des Moines, and the greater Salt Lake City area, joining the existing 18 cities where Google Fiber is already available.

Google Fiber provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps, which is much faster than most home internet services. This speed allows users to stream HD content, download large files in seconds, and connect multiple devices to the Internet without slowing down.

According to information provided by Google, the 5Gbps plan will have a monthly cost of $125, which includes an optional WiFi 6 router, as well as two network extenders and adapting the user's system to be compatible with speeds up to 10Gbps. .

They made it clear that while most customers will be able to count on 5Gbps speeds, some users will be able to request 8Gbps connections.

It should be noted that all of these plans are the same and therefore users will experience equal speeds when downloading and uploading files on the Internet.

Google Fiber's expansion into these new cities demonstrates Google's interest in increasing high-speed Internet penetration across the United States.

Residents of Kansas City, West Des Moines, and the Salt Lake City metropolitan area will soon be able to experience the speed and quality of Google's fiber internet service. As Google Fiber expands to these new cities, more people will have access to the best internet connection available.

Several companies, such as Frontier, Optimum, and Comcast, have announced plans to roll out high-speed plans similar to Google Fiber.

This competition can lead to a variety of high-speed Internet service offerings at more competitive prices. As more companies enter the market and compete for customers, prices for high-speed home Internet plans may drop.

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