A site that gives you 10 dollars for free to charge your Paypal account


In this post, we will explain a new method that will enable you to send ten dollars in full to your Paypal account easily and without experience, this method relies on a relatively unknown site for many Arabs, which is one class

The goal of this site is to help students around the world in achieving their daily lessons and achieving high grades by providing high-quality content, and it consists of a huge library that includes a very large number of exam instructions, lecture summaries, and educational videos created by students from around the world and who uploaded them to the site to achieve academic benefit For other than the largest number of students around the world, this is what the site aims for.

But how can I profit from this site then ?


The method of calculating profits on the site is done through points. For every 800 points you get, you can exchange them for $ 10 in your Paypal account, and you can collect points through several methods that the site specifies for you, the first of which is to become the Note Taker, that is, the person who It summarizes the lectures and study materials and uploads them to the site so that the source of your profits is upload and downloads through the number of downloads through which other site users upload your files, the site gives you 15 points for every person who downloads a complete file of your own files that you uploaded inside the site, as for the upload you win It has 25 points, and the more files you upload, the more you have chances of winning points.


But if you are bored of writing lectures continuously, or you have completed the official stages of your studies, do not worry, you can still get through the other means provided by the site to profit, which is through social media, by sending invitations to people to work on the site, then it gives you access to Full 50 points after this person receives the invitation directly, you can also promote the matter via e-mails, so you can send your invitations to your friends or relatives.

Now, we come to the practical application, now you only have to follow these steps.


First: Register for the site: One Class


Open a new account inside the site, either through your email or your account on Facebook ..

Second: Collect points by the aforementioned methods mentioned in the post, and when you reach 800 points, go to your account and click on Gift Cards:

Then click on the PayPal $ 10 option and enter your PayPal account email and activate your request, and you will receive the money within a few days.

This opportunity is very suitable for those who want to send money to their PayPal accounts in order to activate it, or also those who aspire to work that generates a fixed income for them through the Internet easily and without experience.

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