Choose who wants to comment on your posts ... Facebook introduces a new comment moderation feature


Facebook introduces new tools for moderation and comment limitation for both Pages and personal accounts. The idea is that page administrators or users can control who can comment on their posts in the news section in a simpler way.

Similar to the post that has been on Twitter for nearly a year, users can now choose from a list of who can comment on each of their public posts.

They can choose to make the post public, so that any user can comment, or restrict comments to their personal accounts, the pages they follow, or the personal accounts and pages they specify. The goal, the company makes clear, is to reduce harassment both on their regular personal accounts and on public figures, as well as on the pages of brands or creators.

By default, all users can comment on public posts on Facebook, but we can change that on specific posts using the new moderator. It should be borne in mind, of course, that at the time of publication of this article this feature has not reached everyone.

We have to go to the selected post, click on the three ellipses that we will find in the upper right of them, and then click on Who can comment on your post? And select one of three options: General, Friends

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