Facebook bans Chinese hacker accounts for targeting Uyghur Muslims abroad


Facebook has banned Chinese hackers who have used fake accounts to attack people belonging to the Uyghur ethnic group overseas. Among the victims were journalists, activists and dissidents from this ethnic group.

Likewise, the company stated that the fake profiles are linked to hackers belonging to the Earth Empusa and Evil Ey groups. Those who have dedicated themselves to attacking the Uyghur apparatus living in "Turkey, Kazakhstan, the United States, Syria, Australia and Canada" regions, among other countries. In this regard, Facebook expressed:

"This activity had the characteristics of a continuous and well-resourced process. To interrupt this process, we banned the sharing of malicious domains on our platform, deleted group accounts, and informed people we believe have been attacked by this actor."

As mentioned, Chinese hackers have used fake accounts to mislead the victims. About a hundred of them have been linked to the profiles of students, lawyers, human rights defenders, and even members of the Uyghur group. This is done with the aim of gaining the trust of victims, engaging them, and inciting them to click on links that direct them to malware.

This method allowed the hackers to hit approximately "500 targets," according to Facebook. Which has been spied on by monitoring software run by hackers group.

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