Here you will find all you need to know about CPU overclocking to increase computer performance


The process of breaking the processor speed is a modification of the frequency of the processor by raising it to a greater value than the manufacturer specified, which increases the speed of the processor, and this process has become more popular in recent years because it provides better computer performance.

Processor overclocking requirements:

1. Motherboard and processor support for breaking speed: The overclocking process may take place from Bios and its options are specified by the manufacturer of the motherboard and not the processor, for this you must make sure that the motherboard of your computer supports overclocking, and you must also update the bios to Latest version because it solves some compatibility issues.

 2. Feeding unit: When the processor speed is broken, it will need a larger amount of electrical energy, for this it is necessary to ensure the quality of the feeding unit to be able to provide an adequate and constant amount of power to the processor.

3. Cooling system: Since the speed of the processor will increase after the breakage, it is normal for its temperature to increase. For this you have to have more professional processor cooling fans or use the water cooling system.

4. Download a program to monitor the status and performance of the processor: There are many programs that enable you to monitor the processor to make sure that there is no unusual activity, especially if you are running a game.

Pros of this process:

The most important positive point of course is the difference that you will notice in the speed of the computer, but this will depend on any activity you do on your computer, if your activity depends heavily on the graphics card, such as editing videos, you will notice a big difference, but if your use of the computer is limited only to games, you will not notice a great deal in performance. .

Also, the process of breaking saves you money, because instead of upgrading the processor, it is very expensive, so breaking it enables you to increase the speed without an upgrade.

Its disadvantages:

The process of breaking has many drawbacks in the event that the requirements that we mentioned above are not met or in the event that you use informal methods of breaking, not all processors allow breakage, so if you violate one of the conditions we mentioned, you will notice a significant increase in the computer temperature, especially if the cooling system Weak, and problems will appear at the level of the operating system such as the blue screen, in addition to this if the feeding unit and the motherboard do not provide sufficient power for the processor, this will expose them to damage.

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