Google Facilitates Password Support in Android Applications

Google is planning to enhance security in Android applications by introducing support for Passkeys.

The company will provide an Application Programming Interface (API) known as the Credential Manager in the Android system. This manager allows developers to store and manage user information such as names, passwords, and passkeys. Starting from November, developers will have access to this manager.

Google introduced the Credential Manager for testing over the past months. It stands out for its ability to handle biometric authentication for passkeys and traditional passwords.

Users can now log in using methods such as fingerprints or facial recognition instead of traditional passwords, reducing the hassle of forgetting or having passwords stolen.

Furthermore, the new Credential Manager interface can be integrated into password management applications like 1Password. This makes the user experience more seamless and straightforward.

Additionally, Google has discontinued support for several authentication-related application programming interfaces, requiring developers to connect to the new Credential Manager for user authentication.

Google has already begun using passkeys in its services and applications and will soon make them available in external Android applications such as WhatsApp, Uber, Amazon, TikTok, and others. This step aims to increase security levels and enhance the user experience.

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