Trump: Biden's Problem Isn't His Age, It's His Competence


Former US President Donald Trump, in a recent interview, reiterated his belief that Joe Biden isn't "too old" to seek a second presidential term, but rather, he lacks the necessary competence for the job.

Trump pointed out that "some of the greatest leaders in the world were in their eighties," adding, "by the way, I'm not close to eighty."

He further stated, "Biden isn't too old, but I think he's not competent, and that's a bigger problem."

Trump expressed confidence in his own age, mentioning that his parents lived long lives. He concluded, "genetically, it's a good thing."

These remarks from the former US president came during an interview with NBC, scheduled to air on Sunday, amid an ongoing debate in the United States about the aging political class, which is a key factor in the 2024 elections.

At the time of the next election, Biden will be 82 years old, while Trump will be 78.

Doubts about the President's Capability

Surveys indicate a greater concern among Americans regarding Biden's age, despite the relatively small age gap between the two men.

One poll revealed that 75% of respondents doubt the Democratic president's ability to carry out the duties of office for a second term.

When Trump finished his presidency, he was the second oldest US president (Ronald Reagan was 77 at the end of his term), presenting a challenge for the real estate mogul who nonetheless persists in labeling the current president as "Sleepy Joe."

If Trump were to win the presidency in the 2024 elections, he would be 82 years old at the end of his term.

"Biden is Energetic and in Good Health"

Joe Biden's age remains a major obstacle, despite the efforts of the White House to promote his economic, social, and diplomatic achievements.

In his most recent medical examination in February, Biden was described by his physician as "energetic" and in "good health." Nevertheless, his age continues to be a topic of concern in a country that places great importance on youth.

The president now treads cautiously and sometimes stumbles in his speech, as he is always in the spotlight, leaving little room for error.

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