How to install a compulsory slot in Blogger blog


Compulsory slots in Blogger are a way to increase the number of visitors to your site as you force your blog visitors to visit another site

Also, making a compulsory slot when someone visits the Blogger blog helps increase advertising profits because the ads require visitors to click on it, but the compulsory slot will open ads directly in the visitor's face, and this will increase profits, but beware of using pop-ups on Google Adsense ads because they violate its policy This is so that your account will not be closed

You can also sell the compulsory openings as an advertising place or a window or you can exchange it with others as a kind of advertising exchange in order to be able to double your visitors and also reduce the ranking of your site in Aliska

Many website and blog owners are looking for forced openings code in Blogger, but some have not found it working, and others have found that it causes a heavy load on the blog.

But today I will explain how to make forced slots in Blogger in a simple and easy way that does not cause a burden on the blog

Note: The code will open the popup window when a visitor opens an article or click anywhere inside the template, meaning that after adding the code in the following way, the code will work when visitors click on a link inside your blog or even click somewhere inside the template

How to install a slot or slots compulsory blogger blog

go to the :

control Board


Add a tool

Click on HTML / JavaScript

Add the following code, after you download it from here

Do not forget to replace my blog link in the code with your blog link

Almost everyone has finished explaining the latest mandatory opening code for blogger blogs

Explanation ended with the grace of God Almighty.

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