Apple Releases Urgent iOS 16.6.1 Update to Patch Critical Security Vulnerabilities


Apple has recently launched iOS 16.6.1, an urgent update for iPhone users. It is imperative for users to promptly install this update, as it aims to rectify severe security loopholes that have already been exploited by attackers to breach iPhones.

The announcement of this update was made by Apple in an official statement, wherein they acknowledged that the vulnerabilities had already been exploited. The company extended gratitude to the Citizen Lab team at the University of Toronto in Canada for their contribution in uncovering these vulnerabilities.

Apple has not disclosed the source of the breach nor provided detailed specifics regarding the security enhancements in this update. However, they intend to reveal further details after the completion of investigations.

It has come to light that these vulnerabilities were indeed used to infiltrate iPhones and install spyware linked to the Israeli company NSO without any user interaction. The update (iOS 16.6.1) addresses two security flaws that were utilized in real-world attacks, and Apple affirms that they are aware of the effective exploitation of these vulnerabilities.

The first security vulnerability, CVE-2023-41064 in the ImageIO framework, allows attackers to execute code through a malicious image. The second vulnerability, CVE-2023-41061 in Apple's Wallet, also enables attackers to execute code through a malicious attachment.

Apple rolled out this update prior to the release of the final version of the iOS 17 operating system, underscoring its immediate significance.

As for the devices affected by these vulnerabilities, they encompass most recent iPhone models and iPad devices. iPadOS 16.6.1 has also been released for iPad users. The affected devices include:

- iPhone 8 and newer models.

- All models of iPad Pro.

- iPad Air 3rd generation and newer.

- iPad 5th generation and newer.

- iPad mini 5th generation and newer.

To update an iPhone to iOS 16.6.1, users should follow these steps:

1. Ensure that you have a backup of your data.

2. Connect your phone to a charger and Wi-Fi network.

3. Go to Settings on the phone.

4. Tap on General.

5. Tap on Software Update.

6. Click on Download and Install if a new update is available.

7. Agree to the terms of service, and the update will be installed on the iPhone thereafter. This process only takes a few minutes.

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