The Worst Time to Buy an iPhone: Why You Should Wait a Week


You might be seriously considering purchasing an iPhone, intending to do so as soon as possible. Hold on! Buying an iPhone before September 12th would be an ill-advised decision. It's crucial to wait a few more days, as this specific day marks Apple's famous annual keynote. It will come loaded with news, such as the arrival of the new iPhone 15.

We assert that buying an iPhone at this time could be highly unprofitable, for two main reasons. Firstly, if you're interested in buying a specific current iPhone model, after a week, the prices of the existing phones will rapidly drop. There will be an ideal window to make a purchase and take advantage of discounts.

The second reason is, if you're interested in purchasing the latest and most powerful iPhone at the current time, waiting for a week will be more logical than buying the 14 Pro Max, which will cease to be Apple's most powerful mobile phone. Not much is known about the iPhone 15 Pro Max yet, but if there's one thing clear, it's that in terms of specifications, it will surpass the 14 Pro Max.

It's evident that the prices of iPhones are exceedingly high in the market, reserved only for the pockets of those who can afford the best mobile phones. However, the availability of previous models or older versions of iPhones has allowed many other users to enjoy the iOS ecosystem experience.

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