Using artificial intelligence, cameras are installed in the UK to detect drivers who throw rubbish out of their car windows


Artificial intelligence arrives on UK roads with the aim of catching drivers who throw rubbish out of their car window in the act. Specifically, this technology will be applied to several cameras that will detect violators and then punish them with fines.

The Metro reported that these revolutionary AI-enabled devices are currently being installed at highway exits. They are scheduled to go into operation in the coming weeks.

These smart cameras, capable of detecting uncivilized motorists who litter their cars, will automatically send images of the violation to dealerships, who will no longer have to review hours upon hours of video surveillance recordings. Drivers "caught" for this inappropriate behavior can be fined up to £100 ($121).

For now, these AI-powered cameras will be placed on national highways in the south-east of England, in collaboration with an East Hampshire County Council company, which will serve as a pilot for later export across the UK.

The system seeks to tackle the problem of rubbish being dumped while driving, something the Clean Up Britain campaign group has denounced, with the country's motorists urged to improve waste management on its roads or face legal action.

Artificial intelligence is already on British roads and could be a model for other countries. For example, it was revealed a few weeks ago that Amazon is using a camera system with this technology to monitor drivers during delivery shifts, in case they take a break or break any regulations.

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