Warning: Do not search for these things on Google Images


The Google search engine is the most used and the most famous search engine on the world level, as it contains many strange things that we always look for in order to see them and know their truth

But in this lesson we will talk about 6 things that you do not search for via Google images at all, as these things mainly include some serious diseases through which they can cause you a state of panic and panic as soon as you see pictures of them

I don’t know on your behalf, but when someone says to me, don’t search for these things on Google, I immediately search for them.


Trypophobia is the fear of seeing and encountering things that contain small holes such as sponge holes, wasp cells, bees, plants, trees, pies, the body ........... etc.

There are tens of thousands of people around the world who suffer from this phobia, so if you are one of them, never search for this word on Google Images.

Fournier disease

Fournier disease is a very dangerous and fatal disease, and that is why I advise you not to search for it on Google images at all, because I am 100% sure that you will not be able to look at the body of a patient with this serious disease

Harlequin ichthyosis

According to Wikipedia, it is an acute hereditary skin disease, and this disease occurs due to the increase in the thickness of the stratum corneum in the skin.

Degloving disease

It is surgically exposing the mental symphysis to the jaw, the surgical exposure to the front part of the jaw while the work is from the inside of the mouth, and of course it suffices to see one picture of it until you decide to close the page permanently

Calculus bridge disease

If you are one of the people who disguises pictures and scenes, I do not advise you to try searching for this word in Google images

Mouth larva

Oral myiasis, which is called the larvae of the mouth, is a very dangerous disease and also a disgusting disease that will make you feel the urge to vomit, as soon as you see some of the pictures of it.

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