YouTube launches a new option that enables parents to monitor their children's activity


No matter which way you look at it, YouTube has become an essential platform for most kids. It is likely to be more important and influential than any other TV channel or network. The way kids consume video content has changed and their interests have changed. Now your child will probably aspire to become a YouTuber just like he is in astronauts or whatever.

But YouTube is still fraught with dangers. For this reason, YouTube has developed `` YouTube Kids '', which is its affiliate platform for youth, which operates separately from the main application and does not facilitate links to all YouTube content. But at some point older kids will be keen to move forward and that can put parents in a difficult situation. Now you need to monitor what they're watching while giving them more privacy and independence.

As explained by YouTube:

“Over the past year we have worked with parents and experts around the world in areas related to child safety, child development and digital literacy to develop a solution for parents of teens and teens. In the coming months we will launch a new trial in the beta version for parents to allow their children to access YouTube through a controlled Google account. Moderated. This moderated experience will come with limited content settings and features. We will start with an early beta release for families with children under the age of consent to test and provide feedback as we continue to expand and improve the experience. "

With this new option, parents will be able to choose from three levels of supervision over their child's activity:

Explore: For kids ready to switch from YouTube Kids and explore content on YouTube, this setting will contain a wide range of videos that are generally suitable for viewers over the age of 9, including vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music clips, news, educational content, and more.

Explore More: With content generally appropriate for viewers over the age of 13, this setting will include a larger selection of videos as well as live broadcasts in the same categories as "Explore".

Most YouTube: This contains nearly all YouTube videos except for the age-restricted content and includes sensitive topics that may only be suitable for older teens.

This helps provide more reassurance for parents while ideally not to overly intervene or disturb your 10-20 year old daughter.

Given the lockdown of COVID-19, this will be a much welcome tool because without the regular entertainment options more children have been spending more time on connected devices over the past 12 months.

YouTube says in-app purchases will be disabled within this new experience as well as creation and comment features although parents will eventually have variable controls for each item. YouTube also indicates that it will continue to develop the tool over time to improve the options and tools available.

Given the increasing reliance on digital tools, parents will be keen to implement more supervision over their children's viewing behaviors and while there are already third-party tools and options to control and regulate usage, including these tools on YouTube itself can be of benefit.

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