Watching hours disappeared from the YouTube channel and the watch counter was frozen

I am Mustafa Gomaa, YouTuber, I would like to present my problem with YouTube, and this is my channel for those who do not know it (Queen News channel)

In short, the problem lies in the fact that YouTube asks anyone who wants to make money on his channel for his channel to reach 4000 hours of viewers and thousands of subscribers, of course these conditions are somewhat difficult, but with hard work we can reach after a long time

My problem started as follows, which is when I thought to create a YouTube channel and become YouTuber like other people and earn good sums of money through my channel, but I was surprised that in order to start making money from YouTube, I have to reach 4000 hours of public viewing and 1000 subscribers during the last 12 years. Month

In the beginning, when I saw the conditions, I thought they were easy, but it was completely different, but with hard work and continuing for several months, I finally managed to achieve the required conditions, and from here I started the review process for my channel until YouTube reviews my channel to see if it is suitable for you to make money on it or not.

But the problem is not here. The problem is that YouTube, at that time, was working on changing the classic content creator studio to a new version, and I was surprised at the time that watching hours had completely disappeared from my channel, so I tried again and again to connect to YouTube through a feature called (send comments)

As this is the only existing way to correspond with YouTube, but unfortunately it is useless, so I searched for numbers for YouTube in the Google search engine and found numbers and fax, but unfortunately the numbers are incorrect

Which forced me to do the hard work again so that I could exceed the 4000 watch hours again, but unfortunately this time I was surprised that the watch hour counter on my channel was completely broken as the counter stopped at about 1200 hours and it did not change, I tried again and again to find a solution this time Unfortunately, it is useless

I think that there is a problem with the new version of YouTube, as I noticed that a large number of people are complaining about the matter, but unfortunately we cannot write to YouTube because there is no way we can send it to him except after we activate the monetization, and we will not be able to activate the monetization until after you YouTube To solve this problem, unfortunately, we are currently going through a vortex of any solution

The last thing I came up with was to get YouTube to have more than a million subscribers to write to them and tell them about the problem in order to respond to it and tell him that I must send them myself despite my constant attempts to correspond with them and find a more useful way to reach them.

The problem, in short, is that there is a problem in the watch hours for YouTube, and there is no way to write to YouTube and tell him about this problem, in addition to the (sending comments) feature that does not work and its technical support is very bad

I hope that YouTube will solve the problem as soon as possible, because the matter has become very complicated

Best Regards