Samsung Galaxy Note 21 a mix between iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 design!


At this point, Samsung's plans for the Galaxy Note series are not yet known. The leaks indicate that the series will disappear and other sources claim that it will finally arrive in 2021. Today we have no information about whether or not the Galaxy Note 21 will be launched, but we are telling you what we would like it to look like. Leaker OnLeaks has been responsible for an interesting rendition that reveals the perfect smartphone it should be.

The rendering shows an almost perfect blend of the Galaxy S21 design and the iPhone 12. If the leak had just shared a photo, we'd all think it was his vision of the Galaxy Note 21. OnLeaks never talks about it actually being the Galaxy Note 21, but that would be the perfect design for a smartphone.

In an article published in Voice summarizing and telling the leak, this rendition consists of all the things he loves about his two favorite smartphones: the Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12 Pro. The style is very simple and surprising.

The bezels, the camera unit integrated in the corner and the flat edges make this one of the most beautiful cell phones in the entire current design. Of course, having a screen with these edges makes it very special.

We are sure that for many the fictional Galaxy Note 21 will be the ideal smartphone. Now we just have to wait and see if Samsung introduces it or not.

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