The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a competitor to the iPhone with awesome capabilities


Samsung Galaxy S23 Samsung Galaxy announced its new phone, the Galaxy S23, and it also included in this phone all the features found in other phones in addition to some modern features, and we were able to collect for you a lot of information about this device before it came out on the market. We will present this information to you in detail in the following paragraphs.

Features of the Galaxy S23 phone

The Galaxy S23 phone contains many features as it is one of the high-end phones that compete with iPhone strongly in the recent period, whether in terms of components or quality and performance, as follows:

The Samsung Galaxy smart device contains three excellent quality rear cameras. The primary camera has a resolution of 50 MB and has an auto focus feature. There is also a 10 MB telephoto camera in the primary rear camera.

The Galaxy S23 is also available in many colors such as creamy beige, green, as well as purple, black and lavender.

In addition to that it has another feature, which is an improved camera for night photography while taking selfies.

The Samsung Galaxy has a high quality and excellent front camera with a resolution of 12 MB.

It contains a 3900 mAh battery.

It also has an excellent and classy design.

The thickness of the Samsung Galaxy S23 is 7.6 mm.

Also, the weight of this device is 168 grams.

It has a feature that is not available in some other devices, which is that it is water resistant.

Disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S23

As you are accustomed to mentioning the defects and advantages of the phone that we present to you, now we present to you the defects of the Samsung Galaxy S23, which was introduced by some people who used it in the recent period. The Samsung Galaxy S23 includes some defects, such as:

Since there is no fast charger inside the device box.

It also does not provide ports for using earphones.

In addition, there are no extras with this device, and there is also no case inside the contents of the box.

In addition, it does not provide a slot for using a memory card.

Samsung also provided its new flagship Galaxy S23 smartphone with three rear cameras: the main camera, which is 50 megapixels with an F1. 2 There is also a 10-megapixel Telephoto telephoto camera with an F2.4 lens slot that supports optical zoom up to 3x.

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