Pinngle Messenger is a communication and messaging app that maintains and protects user privacy


The instant messaging application Pinngle Messenger is like Viber or WhatsApp, allowing its users to make free voice (phone) calls and free video calls.

It also allows sending text messages, voice messages, pictures, files, no matter how large, emojis and stickers, and it allows sharing the geographical location on the map in the form of a regular message

But what distinguishes Pinngle and makes it different from other communication programs? This is what we'll explain next

What distinguishes the application two things:

The features and characteristics that distinguish it

- The tools and services it provides

Features and characteristics that are unique to it:

Pinngle is one of the most secure messengers, as it protects all messages and communications of its users by encrypting them with an end-to-end encryption, which allows only the two parties to view the contents of the messages and communications and view them.

On the other hand, Pinngle respects the privacy of its users as it does not store any of their information and data on its servers and servers (the large computers that are used for storage)

Pinngle works all over the world: many users of chat and messaging applications suffer from blocking the application, stopping its work, or blocking one of its services or tools (such as voice communications, for example)

As for Pinngle, it works everywhere, even in countries where other apps have been blocked, where it is almost impossible to block it.

- Connections can be made with Pinngle even if the internet service is very slow, whether it is Wi-Fi, 3G or even 2G

It consumes little of the phone's battery

- It does not slow down the performance of the phone

- It consumes little of the internet data (Լօ w Data Usage), that is, it will not consume and spend only a little of the balance, especially if you are not dependent on Wi-Fi, but on one of the services similar to 3G

Provides tools and services:

A user of Pinngle Messenger can take advantage of communication tools and services that are distinguished and not found in many messaging applications and communication programs.

- Free voice (telephone) calls and high-definition (HD) video calls

- Calling outside Pinngle-Out Calls: This service is one of the cheapest ways to make calls, I compare it to traditional phone calls (local and international), or call services similar to the service provided by other applications.

- Callback service: Pinngle users can rely on this service to make calls when the Internet service is very poor, that is, in the event of urgency.

But these connections are a bit expensive, as the application calls you, then the other contact party and connects you at the end.

Virtual Numbers: These are phone numbers that are neither related nor linked to phone lines. These numbers are designed to transfer incoming calls to them to a Pinngle user in the form of a normal voice dial.

The user can choose the country and city to which the number belongs

Pinngle Public Channels: These channels are similar in some way to social networking sites, any user can launch his own channel or public account, and deal with the topic he wants, in entertainment, culture, cooking or any topic, or the user can follow a channel What or several channels and communicates and sends them written messages if they allow him to do so

To visit the pinngle app website

Download the app from Google Play for Android devices

Download the app from the Appstore for iPhone devices

There is one last thing, Pinngle Messenger will launch a desktop version for PC, for Windows and Mac as we find on its website.

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