Activate the search description feature in Blogger in order to strengthen SEO


Add search description in Blogger

Blogger search description is one of the important features in strengthening SEO because it makes for each topic a custom meta description and this is what helps to archive your blog in a better way because the natural thing is to take some of the words of your blog as a description of the search, but this as I said is better in archiving your blog in a way It is also correct in boosting SEO

Not long ago, Blogger platform added a new feature, which is to provide "add search description" or "search description" functionality for each topic

Very briefly, to illustrate what this feature does by comparing it to the previous one, is that the feature has its own description for each topic, which pulls your keywords to search engines and also works as an excerpt displayed under the heading below. Your topic has been intentionally posted on your social media site (such as Facebook).

Q / Do we really need to describe the research?

The answer: The research description helps to archive the article in a correct way and helps in improving SEO, but in fact we do not need a mechanism because the research description is extracted from the article that was written, but this does not mean that we do not need a mechanism, because we need a description of the search in articles that contain videos and pictures

Search description feature:

Increase Blogger Blog Visitors

Make search engines pay attention to your blog or website and make your topics at the forefront of search results

SEO booster

Archive your blog in a correct way

How to activate search description:



Search preferences

We press Edit

Then we click Yes

We write a small description for the blog and then click on Save

Then, when you go to create a new blog post, you will see the Topic Description box, and you can then write a description of your topics easily.

Is the "Search Description" field that handles incomplete code harmful?

No, if you leave it blank, Blogger will treat your introduction to the topic as a "search description", and you must choose it carefully in order not to lose its value. Therefore, it is best considered as an essential and actionable part when posting a new topic.

What about old topics ?

It is recommended that you make modifications to all old topics and add a 'Research Description' to each topic to be used as much as possible.

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