How to add Gregorian date to Blogger blog


Adding the Gregorian date in Blogger is a new addition, there are those who like to inform their visitors of the current date, especially news and technical sites that download news because a date in them shows how recent that news is.

Adding the Gregorian date to the Blogger blog makes your blog professional and increases it a magic touch. This addition is an exclusive preparation and development of the Blog cnmu by Amr Mostafa and it was published on the Queen News blog

There are two versions of this plugin, the basic version, and of course it is the normal date form, which is a version that needs some craftsmanship in the addition so that you can choose a suitable place for it in the template, for example in the top menu, and it is difficult to explain the composition of this version because each template in Blogger is different from the other, but which Having little experience with molds he will be able to install with ease

This is its code that you can add in the appropriate place

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

You can use this code with it to color the baseline, to be added above the tag

]]> </ b: skin>

cnmumeladate {color: #fff;}
.fasel {color: #ddd;}

This #fff is the date color

And this #ddd is the color of the commas

As for those who want the code in a coordinated manner, follow the following steps

Go to the Blogger dashboard

Layout or design

Add a tool

HTML / Javascript

Paste the following code in it

Download the code

You can change # e70307 with the color code you want

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