Egyptian Finance Minister: Committed to Exchange Rate Flexibility and Market Demand-Supply

Egyptian Finance Minister, Mohamed Maait, stated today that the government is committed to exchange rate flexibility and market demand-supply dynamics, noting a 50% decrease in revenues from the Suez Canal without providing a specific timeframe for this decline.

He also mentioned expectations for the execution of several deals worth up to $3.5 billion, adding that the government will devise a plan to settle oil and gas arrears.

Maait announced yesterday that the government aims to reduce debt to below 90% of the Gross Domestic Product in the first fiscal year of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund for the first and second reviews of the financing program.

In a press conference broadcasted by Egyptian television to announce the agreement between the Egyptian government and the International Monetary Fund at the expert level, Maait stated that Egypt targets achieving a primary surplus in GDP of around 3.5% during the next fiscal year and working to reduce the overall deficit while continuing to have social protection packages to support needy segments.

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