Snapchat Introduces Two Prominent Features: Video Embedding and Stories

Snapchat has recently unveiled two noteworthy additions to its platform. The first allows users to embed content from the core web when sharing on Snapchat.

Users can easily do so through their computer browsers by simply clicking the embed button in the sharing options. This feature aligns with offerings from Snapchat's long-standing competitors like Instagram and TikTok.

After years of development and expansion, this progressive step for Snapchat seems only logical. It follows the introduction of other features such as articles and local place discovery in 2022, when Snapchat made its debut on the web.

In addition to embedding, Snapchat has rolled out a feature powered by OpenAI technology, allowing users to expand their photos to encompass more of their surrounding areas. This feature resembles Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill tool and is available for +Snapchat subscribers to utilize.

Snapchat consistently leverages technology and artificial intelligence as supplementary features for its subscribers. For instance, they introduced a feature called Dreams, supported by artificial intelligence, which enables subscribers to create packages of fantastical images.

This feature is accessible to regular users once, or to +Snapchat subscribers once per month, with the option for anyone to purchase additional packages for $0.99 each.

Regarding artificial intelligence, Snapchat has also introduced a chatbot named My AI, utilizing OpenAI's GPT technology. Initially available only to +Snapchat subscribers, its accessibility was expanded to encompass all global users after two months. My AI offers recommendations for restaurants and responds to images, and this service became available in 2023.

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