Microsoft Abandons VBScript in Windows

After three decades of use, Microsoft is planning to phase out VBScript in future versions of Windows, making it an on-demand feature.

Introduced in 1996, VBScript was a programming language akin to Visual Basic, also known as Visual Basic Script.

VBScript was closely tied to the Internet Explorer web browser but has had its support discontinued in Windows 10 versions.

The company has replaced VBScript with PowerShell for task automation and configuration management.

Microsoft has stated that VBScript will remain available as an optional feature in future releases before being completely removed.

Additionally, VBScript is considered an optional feature in the Windows operating system, and it can be added as needed.

Microsoft defaulted VBScript to disabled in Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 through updates in July 2019.

While the company has not officially clarified the reason behind neglecting VBScript, it is believed to be associated with the discontinuation of Internet Explorer and its exploitation by malicious actors.

This move is part of a strategy to reduce attacks using malicious software on Windows and Office systems.

Malicious actors have exploited VBScript to disseminate harmful software such as Lokibot, Emotet, Qbot, and DarkGate.

Microsoft has expanded its support for malware scanning in Office 365 applications, started blocking XLM macro modules within Excel 4.0, and implemented additional protective measures to mitigate attacks.

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