Gaza Aggression: Palestinian Ambassador in Cairo Calls on Arab Media to Counter False Narratives Spread by the West

In a press conference held at the embassy in Cairo, Ambassador Diab Al-Louh, the Palestinian envoy to Egypt, expressed his concern about the Western media's alignment with Zionist narratives. He called upon Arab media outlets to refute the false narratives propagated by Western media.

Al-Louh highlighted the embassy's launch of a media observatory dedicated to exposing fabricated Israeli news and incitement against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian ambassador accused both the European Union and the U.S. administration of bias against the Palestinian cause. He asserted that when the recent aggression against Gaza occurred, the United States swiftly sided with Israel. This, in Al-Louh's view, epitomizes the historical injustice suffered since the Balfour Declaration—a promise made by those who had no right to those who did not deserve it.

He went on to emphasize that the "Deal of the Century" dissipated with former President Donald Trump, and though President Joe Biden made commendable statements, none have materialized into action.

"We therefore call on the U.S. administration, despite its leanings towards the Israeli side, to uphold its responsibilities and implement the commitments made by President Biden for the sake of regional peace," Al-Louh stated.

He also pointed out that Israel has effectively become a war government, geared towards retaliating against the Palestinian population. This indicates that challenging times lie ahead, even more challenging than those in the past.

"We stand in solidarity with all endeavors aimed at halting the aggression against our Palestinian people," Al-Louh concluded.