Company X Fails to Take Action Against Hate Speech


The Digital Hate Speech Center has released a new report criticizing the social platform X for its refusal to remove hateful content. The report's findings indicate the platform's failure to take action against 86% of posts containing hate speech. This includes glorification of Nazis and promotion of white supremacy.

Researchers collected 300 tweets from 100 accounts and reviewed them individually, confirming the presence of various offending content, such as incitement against Semitism, white supremacy, and hatred against Black individuals.

Among these tweets, 259 continuous offending tweets were found on the platform, despite clear violations of the company's policies regarding hateful content. Surprisingly, there are still 90 active accounts among the one hundred listed in the report.

Examples of offending content included one tweet describing Hitler as a hero for white children, while another encouraged users not to mix races. Yet another tweet shared a black and white picture of a family enjoying a picnic, accompanied by the caption: "Admit it, White America was better."

The Digital Hate Speech Center also confirmed that platform X hosted this offending content even after it was reported, despite the platform's policies prohibiting such content.

In response, platform X attempted to refute the report by issuing a statement contesting the presented results, claiming that they took action against the mentioned content. The platform accused the Digital Hate Speech Center of distorting the data regarding the number of users affected by the content.

Researchers concluded by pointing out that 140 offending tweets focused on anti-Semitism, yet the platform still hosts 85% of these tweets. Company X announced that it will take further action based on the report's findings after a thorough review.

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