Trump's View on His Republican Competitor Ramaswamy: 'He Would Be an Outstanding Deputy for Me


Former U.S. President Donald Trump has praised his fellow Republican presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, stating that the young businessman has truly distinguished himself.

In a telephone interview, the former president, who is seeking a non-consecutive second term in the White House, was asked whether he had considered Ramaswamy as a potential vice president. Trump responded, "Well, I think he's terrific."

He continued, "Look, anyone who said I'm the best president in a generation… I've got to like a guy like that," referencing Ramaswamy's comments during the Republican party debate last week, where he stated that Trump was the best president in his lifetime.

Trump described Ramaswamy as "a smart man. He's young. He's got a lot of talent… He's a very, very, very smart person with great energy, and he could have a role in my administration. I'm telling you, I think he'd be very, very good. I think he's really distinguished himself."

Trump also added that Ramaswamy has begun to become "somewhat controversial" as he gained more fame. 

Ramaswamy, the 38-year-old businessman, was among the prominent candidates in last week's debate in Milwaukee. He garnered significant media attention as his polling numbers rose, and he made several controversial statements.

One of the proposals that stirred controversy was his statement during the debate that he would cede parts of Ukraine to Russia to end the conflict there. He also suggested that the United States should cut its support for Israel, which drew strong backlash due to his incendiary remarks about Representative Ayanna Pressley (a Democrat from Massachusetts), likening her, a black legislator, to contemporary grand wizards of the Ku Klux Klan.

Ramaswamy also heavily praised Trump, stating that he would pardon the former president if he were convicted in any of his upcoming multiple trials, and he called on other candidates to make the same commitment.

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