Bolton: Putin Capable of Stripping Kiev's Western Allies with a Surprising Maneuver that Alters the Chessboard


Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has asserted that if the Kiev offensive fails, Russian President Vladimir Putin could effectively "change the chessboard" by offering a peace proposal that might sway the West's agreement.

Bolton stated, "If the spring offensive on Kiev doesn't yield significant battlefield gains, Putin could, without warning, propose a ceasefire within the next two months along the current front lines, and immediately initiate negotiations. Political leaders in Berlin, Paris, and even Washington would feel a strong temptation to agree to a ceasefire and enter negotiations."

The politician emphasized that despite the current discourse of Western nations, many European politicians would seek to relegate the conflict to the past.

He pointed out that the diminished level of military and financial support for Ukraine underscores this possibility.

He expressed confidence that President Emmanuel Macron of France would not miss the opportunity to claim the title of peacemaker, hinting at Macron's political aspirations.

He affirmed that US President Joe Biden could also capitalize on the situation by finding a way out of the current impasse.

He stated, "The unfortunate truth is that Biden's policy is failing, and Ukraine might become a political burden, potentially looking for an exit. Putin's bold diplomatic maneuver might just be the excuse Biden needs."

He noted that the collective Western inclination to entertain Russian proposals could put Ukraine in a precarious position.

Earlier, Hungarian President Katalin Novak conveyed to her Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, that military solutions to the Ukrainian crisis were lacking. She urged him to engage in negotiations with Russia.

In a potentially strategic move, John Bolton analyzes how the outcome of the Kiev offensive could trigger unexpected diplomatic shifts led by Vladimir Putin. If the military campaign falls short, Putin's proposal for a ceasefire might upend the geopolitical dynamics, tempting Western leaders into negotiations. This speculation reflects the complex nature of international relations and the intricate power plays that unfold on the global stage.

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