Learn about Picasa and some of its secrets


Picasa Web Albums Giant Picasa Upload Center You may have heard about it and perhaps you did not hear about it and perhaps heard about it and did not use it so this topic will be your guide in getting to know it or developing your knowledge about it.

You can use it to store your photos and if you add an image in a topic, you will find in the options of the add box from Picasa Web albums, even the pictures that you upload through your blog, you will find them saved on it. You already own one and you can access it via the following link


Certainly, users of the Picasa service noticed in the recent period that they are transferred to Google Plus to manage the account, and this bothered many people, including me, so what is the solution for that? The second solution is the link that you put, this link does not allow conversion to Google Plus. Note the word noredirect so save the link in this format in your favorites and enter it into your account in Picasa. You will not be transferred to Google Plus

Some might say a wonderful Picasa, but it is limited, but it is a very common mistake because someone who wants to upload a picture finds that the space is limited, such as the following image

Here is someone cheering, saying: Did you see its space is limited to 5 GB, I reply saying that this is one of the things that many users miss Picasa spaces open directory. You will find in Storage used the used space the number next to it 0 although you may have raised at least 10 megabytes of pictures and I Personally, so far it has raised about 200MB and it's still being used 0 so what's up?

Simply Picasa does not count the area of ​​any image whose length or width does not exceed 2048px, so any image less than this number does not count, even if you uploaded thousands of pictures less than that area, it will not be counted, and it is normal that no one raises these large areas except only those who design backgrounds or designs need those The quality is great and it also has 5 GB dedicated to it, which is an excellent space if you are with Picasa you go completely free

Also, Picasa allows the video to be uploaded, and it also does not count for videos less than 15 minutes

Some properties of the album

Picasa allows you to create albums so that your photos are coordinated in a way that suits you. The albums also have advantages that many users do not know. The following picture has specific points. We will talk about one point.

We start with a point, which is the word Edit next to the album. This word, when you click on it, the following window appears

This window presents three options that are really important to us, the first one

Public on web, which means that any person can see the pictures inside this album and access them by searching the Internet or any method.

The second option is Limited, anyone with the link

It means that no one can find this album unless he has the link to it

The third option is Only you, which is for the album to be special, and no one can see it except you, but of course if you publish a picture of it, others will see it, but the whole album cannot find it except you, of course after you choose the appropriate option, click Save changes

We come to the two options marked with 1 and 2

These two options are related to making the album Slider Yes, Picasa allows you to create a slider from any album. All you have to do is upload the images that you want to display in the slider to the album and then press the number one to show you the second option called

Embed Slideshow, and when you click on it, the following window will appear

A note about the code, you can control its size more by manually adjusting these numbers for width and length

 width = "288" height = "192" Modify it to your liking. Of course, after copying the code from the album you want to make, Slider can add it to the blog in the HTML / JavaScript tool or add it to a topic by switching the topic from authoring mode to HTML mode and adding the code

The last part is the RSS icon. When you click on it, it will open the link for image feeds if you aim to use it in any way

Simple information about image links

One of the advantages of image links in Picasa is to reduce images via the link itself

Final information on archiving photos

There is important information about archiving pictures in general. In order for the image to be archived in the correct way, you must use the properties option

In the text of the title box, write any word or sentence that indicates the image, and in the alternative text you can also write something indicating it or write an English word, for example, indicating the image, so that someone searching in English will find it.

All that we have mentioned is a part that this giant does not fulfill its right, which with it your photos will be safe and in addition to being the most compatible with Blogger and an image that appears precisely in tools and topics, every blogger in Blogger should be Picasa his first choice and will not regret it

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