Solve the problem of corrupted blogger blog templates and lost blog plugins


Many blogs suffer from problems with Blogger templates, although these templates work on other blogs well, in fact this matter was very confusing because this problem threatens the continuation of many blogs

The problem is that Blogger has returned the code of the topic area to the default mode, which of course is similar to putting the regular templates in it. Any addition or any formatting disappears once you save and therefore most of the plugins will not work at all such as Read more, Blogger page numbering, related topics, ads and other plugins for Blogger Which binds every blogger

Of course, this matter destroys all blogger templates that do not work with the defaults of Blogger, and in fact I do not know whether this error is just a mistake in the platform and will be fixed or Blogger will approve the command

But the solution that I was able to access automatically is to change the ID of the topics area, but you must have an original copy of the template before the problem because if it does not exist, it will not work for you.

All that you will use in a copy of the template before it is installed on the blog is to change the identifier of the topic area

Look for a code similar to the following code


<b: widget id = 'Blog1' locked = 'true' title = 'Blog posts' type = 'Blog'>

You may find a different Arabic sentence for "blog emails", and of course this is for anyone who has a blog in another language

The important thing that we are looking for is this code Blog1

Modify number 1 with number 2 or number 3

Note: Amend number 2 to number 3 or vice versa, if it does not respond with you

This solution works to this day, but God knows how long it will remain active, or you can comfort us with Blogger and control this matter, but I have not been able to delay you with such information and I will look for more solutions because I know that most blogs have visible damage and this of course negatively affects visitors And level

Topic Update # 1

It appears that the solution is temporary and that this problem comes back when you write or modify the template

Therefore advice, stop blogging until this problem is solved and use this solution as a temporary solution to make the blog presented well and correctly.

Topic Update # 2

A Google employee in the technical support forums made an announcement

 Work is being done to solve the problem as soon as possible, and I will announce it when this problem is solved.

Topic Update # 3

There are many blogs where the problem was solved and are now working well

But there was no official information about the end of the problem, but it seems that this problem is about to end, and you can experiment on your blog and return the number 1 to the code ID of course with a backup copy, in case the problem is still there for you.

Topic number 4 and final update

It has been officially announced that the problem has been completely solved, and you can now deal with your template without any problems

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