The Amazing Impact of Sesame Seeds on Your Health

There's no denying the countless benefits that tiny sesame seeds offer to human health. Numerous studies have confirmed that they are a wonderful addition to the diet in all seasons.

Lebanese nutritionist Vera Mata has once again brought these benefits to the forefront through a video she shared on her Instagram account.

She stated that the benefits of these small seeds are immeasurable, and just one sprinkle on our meals can help address calcium deficiency in the body, especially considering that they contain a significant amount comparable to dairy products.

Furthermore, she highlighted that sesame seeds themselves contain a high percentage of zinc, meaning they boost immunity and fight diseases.

Moreover, Mata pointed out that sesame helps in the production of collagen significantly, which means it is beneficial for both health and skin, as well as aiding in hair growth.

Numerous studies have emphasized that sesame is essential for strengthening and enhancing the efficiency of the immune system, enabling it to combat diseases and their causes, such as influenza, colds, and others.

It also plays a role in reducing high blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Additionally, it lowers levels of total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of heart and vascular diseases.

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