Samsung's Gaming Hub Cloud Gaming Platform Coming Soon to Galaxy Phones

If you're a true gamer, you've probably heard of Gaming Hub, Samsung's cloud gaming platform that gives you access to the best live streaming apps, Xbox, and much more. Well, in addition to being able to enjoy it through Samsung TVs, you'll soon be able to do so even faster, as it's also coming to Galaxy mobile phones.

Cloud gaming services allow users to play games without the need to download the game onto their own computers. Although the game quality may be somewhat lower, and minor delays, known as latency, are possible, the future of the video game industry may lie in this type of platform. Firstly, because subscriptions are much cheaper.

So, by the end of June 2022, Samsung came up with a brilliant idea to create a space that brings together all cloud gaming services in one place. The core system will be named Gaming Hub and will be integrated into the brand's smart TVs, offering some key cloud gaming services such as NVIDIA GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Here comes the big news. According to a post by 9to5Google, Samsung announced at the Game Developers Conference, the major professional event in the gaming industry, that Gaming Hub will expand beyond Samsung TVs to also include Galaxy phones. It is currently in a trial phase with a limited number of games, giving us a simple idea of what we'll find: it's likely to have a small game catalog at the outset.

The main attraction of Gaming Hub is that it allows users to quickly access most cloud gaming services from one app. Therefore, having this platform on our smartphone could be very useful, especially if you're a regular user, making the experience accessible to new users who won't need a Samsung smart TV to enjoy it anymore.

There are still many details to be revealed about this, but we know that Mobile Gaming Hub will provide the instant play feature that makes transitioning to the game easier. Additionally, the platform will serve as a place for users to store games downloaded from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store, which will be saved in a space called "Instant Plays."

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