South Africa : Continuing Our Case Before the International Court to Halt Israeli Aggression

Mahlinji Motsiri, the spokesperson for the ruling party in South Africa, stated on Sunday that her party has filed a lawsuit before the International Court of Justice in support of the Palestinian people's plea for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking to "Cairo News," Mahlinji Motsiri emphasized that her country remains steadfast in its pursuit before the International Court of Justice to the utmost extent to halt Israeli aggression and violations against the vulnerable Palestinian population.

she affirmed that the party has provided full support to the palestinian people in solidarity against israeli aggression, highlighting that innocent children in the gaza strip have not been spared from acts of killing.

motsiri called for international support for the palestinian cause, indicating that her country will exert additional pressure on israel to cease its violations in the gaza strip

The spokesperson for the ruling party commended the active role played by Egypt in addressing the situation in Gaza.

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