Sisi and Putin witness the commencement of concrete pouring at the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant


In a significant milestone for Egypt's energy sector, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, remotely witnessed the commencement of concrete pouring at Unit 4's electricity foundation at the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant.

The event took place via video link on Tuesday, marking the initiation of the second phase related to constructing the units at the Dabaa nuclear power station in Egypt.

During his remarks on this occasion, President el-Sisi expressed his satisfaction with the initiation of the second phase, emphasizing that the construction progress is surpassing the scheduled timeline.

He highlighted that the establishment of the nuclear power station is a historic event for Egypt and its people, symbolizing a new chapter in Egypt-Russia relations.

El-Sisi affirmed that possessing peaceful nuclear stations underscores Egypt's commitment to advancing on the path of development and construction.

He underscored Egypt's keen interest in various energy sectors to enhance economic growth, stating that this event represents another bright page in the close cooperation between Egypt and Russia.

The Egyptian President emphasized the special significance of the Dabaa plant for energy projects between the two nations, asserting that Egypt is today scripting a new history by realizing its people's dream of establishing a peaceful nuclear energy station.

El-Sisi noted that the current global energy crisis underscores the strategic importance of Egypt's decision to revive its peaceful nuclear program.

He emphasized that the Dabaa project contributes to providing safe, affordable, and long-term energy supplies.

Adding nuclear energy to Egypt's production becomes crucial to meeting the increasing demand for electricity, and the Dabaa nuclear plant will contribute to achieving environmental sustainability and combating climate change.

President Putin echoed these sentiments, stating that the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant represents the culmination of cooperation between Egypt and Russia.

He highlighted its potential to develop the Egyptian economy and bolster modern industries, considering Egypt a strategic partner for Russia.

Putin expressed hope for Egypt's participation in over 200 events within the BRICS group, noting significant growth in bilateral trade between the two countries.

He pointed out that Egypt and Russia have partnerships in various projects, spanning energy and agriculture.

The Dabaa nuclear plant, according to Putin, stands out as a pivotal project in Egypt-Russia relations, playing a crucial role in enhancing the energy sector.

Alexey Likhachov, the CEO of Rosatom, affirmed that the launch of the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant will contribute to the increase of Egypt's gross domestic product.

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