Sisi and Guterres discuss by phone efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza


in a recent telephone conversation between egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi and the secretary-general of the united nations, antónio guterres, the two leaders discussed the ongoing efforts to achieve a ceasefire in gaza. the call, which took place on monday, highlighted the overall situation in the middle east and the escalating conflict in the region.

ahmed fahmy, the official spokesperson for the egyptian presidency, stated that the conversation addressed the peril of the expanding conflict and emphasized the importance of egyptian, regional, and international efforts aimed at achieving a cessation of hostilities

the discussions also covered the exchange of detainees and the swift delivery of humanitarian aid to the gaza strip in substantial quantities.

the spokesperson added that the meeting addressed the pivotal role played by the united nations and its various organizations in providing support and relief to the people of the region

this included the vital role of the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees (unrwa), with an emphasis on the continued need for funding to enable it to fulfill its humanitarian role.

during the call, president el-sisi expressed appreciation for the crucial role played by the un secretary-general in promoting de-escalation and facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance. he welcomed the coordination between egypt and the united nations in pursuit of restoring security and stability to the region.

secretary-general guterres, in turn, expressed gratitude to egypt for its essential role in working towards de-escalation and providing humanitarian support to the people of gaza. he affirmed his commitment to ongoing coordination, consultation, and collaborative efforts with president abdel fattah el-sisi to restore security and stability to the region.

this diplomatic exchange underscores the shared commitment of egypt and the united nations to address the humanitarian crisis in gaza and work towards a sustainable resolution that promotes peace and stability in the middle east

the ongoing collaboration between the two leaders reflects a concerted effort to alleviate the suffering of the affected population and bring about positive change in the region.

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