Attention iPhone Users: Apple Set to Implement Comprehensive Changes in the Upcoming iOS 18


Apple is gearing up for significant changes with the upcoming iOS 18, targeting iPhone users with a revamped operating system. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple plans to introduce new features, designs, and substantial improvements in performance and security.

Bloomberg claims that Apple's management views iOS 18 as an "ambitious and revolutionary" release, following a few years of relatively modest updates to the iOS operating system. The company hopes that the new system will boost sales of the iPhone 16 in the coming year.

The last major update to the iPhone operating system was iOS 14, released in 2020, which notably introduced support for adding widgets to the home screen.

Bloomberg did not specify the particular features expected in iOS 18. However, earlier reports suggested that Apple is heavily relying on features based on internally developed generative artificial intelligence and large language models. One of the key manifestations of this effort is expected to be the unveiling of an updated and enhanced version of the personal assistant, Siri.

Another recent report from the agency indicated that Apple has faced numerous errors and issues in its upcoming operating systems, including iOS 18. This compelled the company to temporarily halt the development of new features.

The unveiling of Apple's new operating systems is anticipated during the company's annual developer conference, typically held in the middle of each year. Subsequently, a beta testing period will commence before the official release to all users in the fall of each year.

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