Oppo's Innovation: Integrating Satellite Communication Feature in its Upcoming Phones


Oppo, a prominent player in the smartphone industry, has recently disclosed its intention to incorporate satellite communication capabilities into its upcoming smartphone series, the OPPO Find X7. The company made this announcement through its official account on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Despite unveiling its support for satellite communication technology, Oppo has not provided detailed information on how this feature will operate or whether it will support voice calls in addition to text messages.

Oppo is known for launching some of its smartphone series globally, while others remain confined to the Chinese market, as was the case with the OPPO Find X6 Pro. Therefore, it remains unclear whether the Find X7 series will be available worldwide.

It is assumed that this innovative feature will rely on the BeiDou satellite messaging service, the same service used in Huawei's latest Mate 60 phones. Consequently, this feature may be limited to China, even if Oppo releases the Find X7 series in the global markets.

The OPPO Find X7 series is expected to be unveiled in China during the first quarter of 2024. Rumors suggest that the Pro version will feature a high-brightness display from BOE, an advanced camera system from Hasselblad, and either the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor.

Interestingly, Apple has already taken the lead in integrating satellite communication into its iPhones, starting with the iPhone 14 model. However, the use of this feature is currently limited to certain countries.

Reports also indicate that Samsung is planning to add a similar feature to its upcoming Galaxy S24 series, scheduled for release early next year. The move by Oppo, Apple, and Samsung underscores a growing trend in the smartphone industry to explore and implement satellite communication capabilities, providing users with alternative means of connectivity, particularly in areas with limited traditional network infrastructure.

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