New Polls Suggest Trump's Advantage Over Biden in the 2024 Elections

Recent opinion polls indicate a leaning towards Trump over Biden in the 2024 elections. Democrats downplay these results, reminding that pre-2020 election polls consistently underestimated Biden's support, yet he emerged victorious.

Despite being a year away from the U.S. presidential elections and the difficulty in determining the voters' preferred candidate, opinion polls aim to track American public sentiments and identify the "best candidate" for the current and upcoming challenges facing the United States. According to a recent survey conducted by CNN, former President Donald Trump continues to lead over current President Joe Biden by four percentage points in the virtual "comeback" face-off between the two. The poll shows Trump securing 49% of the votes compared to Biden's 45%.

The survey further reveals that 51% of voters stated, "There is no chance of voting for Biden," while 48% claimed, "There is no chance of voting for Trump."

In a potentially worrisome indicator for Biden, the poll found that 45% of independent voters would support Trump, compared to 41% supporting Biden.

Additionally, the survey highlighted weaker support for Biden within key demographic groups that played a significant role in his 2020 victory, including Black and Latino voters.

The CNN survey, conducted on Tuesday, is the latest one indicating the challenges Biden might face in the 2024 elections against Trump.

In the same context, a poll by The New York Times suggests that Trump, the most likely Republican nominee, is leading Biden in five out of six crucial swing states that are likely to determine the outcome of the 2024 elections. The poll also indicates a decline in support for Biden among young and Black voters compared to 2020.

Another poll by CBS News on Sunday shows Trump leading Biden in a virtual competition with 51% against 48%.

The White House, Biden, and his election campaign seek to alleviate concerns regarding the poll numbers by emphasizing that there is still a year before the elections. They argue that pre-2020 election polls consistently underestimated Biden's support, yet he emerged victorious. The same trend is noted for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

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