La Liga: Spanish League Boasts the Best Player in Europe

Javier Tebas, the president of the Spanish Football League, has affirmed that the young English international, Jude Bellingham, the top scorer for Real Madrid, is a player from "another planet," praising the player's impact on the Spanish league.

Bellingham had a stellar start to his first season with Real Madrid after joining from Borussia Dortmund, scoring 13 goals in 14 matches across all competitions.

Despite missing out on England's national team due to a shoulder injury before the Euro 2024 qualifiers, Tebas stated on Tuesday that it's still early to fully grasp Bellingham's potential. However, from a British perspective, Bellingham has had a significant impact on the Spanish league.

According to the British news agency (PA Media), Tebas stated, "He is an important player, and Britain, among other English-speaking countries, has been drawn to the Spanish league because of him."

He added, "Bellingham is a great player. We knew he was a fantastic player, but we did not realize the level he could reach. At Real Madrid, he seems like a player from another planet."

Tebas expressed confidence in Bellingham's continued success for several more seasons, emphasizing his importance to the league.

Speaking at the sidelines of the "Web Summit 2023" technology conference held in Lisbon, Tebas acknowledged that the English Premier League is larger than La Liga. However, he pointed out that La Liga now boasts the best player in Europe.

"We have the best player in Europe, and he is English. We cannot compare the two leagues; of course, the Premier League is bigger, but the best player in Europe is playing in Spain. So, we have the option to attract the best players to Spain."

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