YouTube Develops Artificial Intelligence Tool for Musician Voices

YouTube has unveiled a new tool that leverages artificial intelligence for recording using the voices of famous musicians. The company is collaborating with music labels to acquire song rights for training this tool, although the deal has not been finalized yet.

YouTube has introduced a fresh suite of artificial intelligence tools, including the capability to create backgrounds for videos and automatic dubbing into various languages.

The company had hoped to use the tool for voiceovers in advertisements, but faced difficulty in securing the necessary rights.

The legal relationship between artificial intelligence and copyright is still evolving, with intricate legal issues tied to the creative use of new technology.

It remains unclear whether discussions surrounding YouTube's AI-powered voice replication tool will aid in resolving copyright issues raised by music companies.

Additionally, music generated by artificial intelligence is garnering increasing attention, prompting debates on its regulation to safeguard the rights of artists and musicians.

YouTube aims to provide generative AI technology to content creators. However, there are still legal challenges that need resolution to allow for AI-powered voice replication without violating copyright laws.

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