Qualcomm Introduces Snapdragon X Elite to Compete with Apple and Intel

Qualcomm has unveiled a new processor designed for Windows-based laptops, aiming to surpass its competitors from Apple and Intel.

This processor comes with 12 high-performance cores running at a speed of 3.8 gigahertz. It benefits from a 4-nanometer manufacturing technology and supports the LPDDR5x memory standard. The company announces that its speed surpasses a similar processor from Intel by 50% and consumes 68% less power.

This announcement signifies the escalating competition in the computer processor market, with companies like Nvidia and AMD evolving their designs to incorporate Arm technologies. Through this processor, Qualcomm seeks to attract the industry with its swift performance, in comparison to Apple's M2 processor.

The processor excels in its ability to handle two external 5K displays or three external UHD displays. Cristiano Amon, the CFO of Qualcomm, declares that this processor positions the company as a leader in mobile computing central processing units.

Despite its challenges, Qualcomm aims to compete with Intel and Apple in the personal computer market. This processor is the result of Qualcomm's acquisition of Nuvia in 2021, which provided designs that helped reduce reliance on Arm technology.

The new processor enhances artificial intelligence through the Hexagon neural processing unit, supporting performance of up to 45 trillion operations per second. Qualcomm emphasizes the importance of bringing artificial intelligence to user devices to unleash its full potential.

In a separate release, Qualcomm announced an update to its lineup of Snapdragon 8 smartphones.

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