Quirky Mistake: Nobel Chemistry Laureates Accidentally Revealed

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences inadvertently disclosed the names of three scientists it claimed had won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this year, even though the institute responsible for awarding the prize stated that the decision would not be announced for hours.

Aftonbladet, a daily newspaper, published a copy of an email claiming to be from the Academy, listing the laureates as Monji Baoundi (Tunisian), Louis E. Bruce, and Alexei A. Ekimov.

Advancements in Quantum Dots

According to the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, the Academy stated in the email, "The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2023 recognizes the discovery and development of quantum dots, which are extremely tiny nanoscale particles where their size determines their properties."

However, Johan Aqvist, the head of the Nobel Chemistry Prize Committee at the Academy, told Reuters, "This is a mistake from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Our meeting starts at 09:30 Central European Time (07:30 Greenwich Mean Time), so no decision has been made yet. The laureates have not been chosen."

Announcement Schedule

The announcement of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this year is scheduled for 11:45 Central European Time (09:45 Greenwich Mean Time).

According to the statement, nanoscale particles and quantum dots are used in LED lights and television screens. They are also employed to guide surgeons during cancer tissue removal and in various other applications.

Laureates' Identities

Baoundi is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, while Bruce is an honorary professor at Columbia University. Ekimov works at the company NanoCrystals Technology.

The prize, which has a history spanning over a century, is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and is valued at 11 million Swedish kronor (approximately 990,019 USD).

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