Meta Promotes Threads Posts within Facebook

Meta, the American company, has started showcasing posts from the social platform Threads within Facebook with the aim of promoting it. Facebook users have noticed Threads posts appearing on their feed as suggestions that can be horizontally scrolled through.

In response to this development, the company announced that they have rolled out an update to display more Threads posts on both Facebook and Instagram, and they are monitoring the feedback regarding this change. Currently, users cannot disable the display of these posts.

It is worth mentioning that Meta began displaying Threads posts on Instagram last August, and at the time, this action was generally accepted by some users since the platform was seen as an extension of Instagram.

However, this move faced widespread objection from some Threads and Facebook users alike, as they were unable to disable the display of these posts on other Meta-affiliated platforms.

Threads platform garnered significant success in its early days, attracting over 100 million subscribers in less than a week. However, over time, the number of active users and the level of engagement noticeably declined.

Meta is now seeking to regain Threads platform's success by promoting it through its major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, they plan to add new features like post editing and keyword-based search.

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