Palestine: Israel Commits Political and Humanitarian Catastrophe Against Our People

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has condemned the destructive aggression of the occupation on the people of Gaza, encompassing all aspects of citizens' lives - from bombardment and destruction, to killing and displacement, and the destruction of infrastructure and institutional facilities, including hospitals.

In its statement issued on Sunday, the Ministry emphasized that this Israeli aggression has plunged Palestinian citizens in Gaza into an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe that has violated the minimum requirements of human life. This includes depriving citizens of their basic needs, as stipulated by the Geneva Conventions, international humanitarian law, and international human rights law.

The Ministry stated, "The occupying authorities continue their practices in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, by imposing a suffocating military siege, cutting off its limbs, and intensifying military barriers and closures, whether through iron gates, earthen barriers, or cement blocks. This consolidates the apartheid system, immobilizes isolated citizens with military orders freezing their lives entirely."

It pointed out the support provided by the occupying authorities to settlers to commit further violations, crimes, and provocative acts against Palestinian citizens. This leads to depriving them of the ability to travel between cities and provinces to meet their most basic human needs, foremost among them being security, work, education, and freedom of movement to access their livelihoods, olive groves, hospitals, and health centers.

The Ministry called for urgent international intervention to halt the destructive aggression of the occupation against the people of Palestine in Gaza, and to ensure access to the basic humanitarian needs of citizens. It also called for putting an end to the accelerating repercussions of this unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, and compelling the occupying state to halt all unilateral and illegal measures that undermine the issues of the negotiated final settlement.

The Ministry affirmed that the Palestinian people are victims of ongoing occupation, victims of double standards in international norms, and continuous victims of international failure to achieve peace and implement the principle of a two-state solution.

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