Global Protests Surround Israeli and Western Embassies in Condemnation of Recent Attacks

Protests have erupted in various countries worldwide, denouncing the massacre carried out by Israeli occupation forces after the bombing of the Gaza Hospital. These protests have reached a number of Israeli and Western embassies around the world.

A group of individuals gathered near the French Embassy in Beirut and the American Embassy in Awkar, Mount Lebanon, yesterday evening to voice their protest against the bombing of Gaza Hospital in Gaza.

Protesters assembled near the American Embassy, with Lebanese security forces and the Lebanese army implementing strict measures. All roads leading to the embassy were blocked off with barbed wire, according to the German News Agency.

Protesters attempted to remove the barbed wire to gain access to the American Embassy, but security forces prevented them using water hoses and tear gas canisters. Confrontations ensued between protesters and security forces after the protesters hurled stones towards the American Embassy.

Angry protesters gathered in front of the French Embassy in Beirut, with the presence of security forces, to denounce the bombing.

Protesters carried Palestinian flags, condemning the positions of French officials and President Emmanuel Macron. They also denounced the "Zionist aggression against the innocent and children in Gaza" and expressed their support for the Palestinian resistance.

Protesters threw stones towards the French Embassy building to express their anger and protest against the killings suffered by the people of Gaza.

In Jordan, enraged demonstrations took place in front of the Israeli Embassy, condemning the massacre. Demonstrators set fire to the embassy gate after reaching its premises in the Rabia area west of the capital, Amman.

Protesters demanded the Jordanian government expel the ambassador of the occupying state, Rogel Rahmoun, and close the embassy. Jordanian security forces tried to prevent the protesters from storming the embassy.

In Baghdad, protests condemning the bombing of a hospital in Gaza started in Tahrir Square last night. Hundreds of demonstrators chanted, "Allahu Akbar... America, the greatest devil."

Protesters attempted to cross the Republic Bridge and head towards the American Embassy, but security forces prevented them from passing.

In Tunisia, thousands took to the streets in nighttime marches in the capital and the provinces of Sfax, Bizerte, Kairouan, and the city of Djerba to condemn the bombing of Gaza Hospital in Gaza. They affirmed their support for Gaza and called for the expulsion of the French ambassador from Tunisia.

Meanwhile, thousands of Turks and members of Arab and Islamic communities in Istanbul demonstrated in front of the Israeli Consulate in the city, expressing their anger following the Gaza massacre.

Security authorities took strict measures to prevent the protesters from approaching the consulate. Demonstrators carried Turkish and Palestinian flags, chanting "Death to Israel."

In Germany, protesters organized a silent candlelight vigil in mourning for all the martyrs in Gaza and the martyrs of the Gaza Hospital massacre.

Hundreds also demonstrated in the Spanish capital, Madrid, denouncing the Israeli attack on the hospital. Protesters in Madrid carried Palestinian flags, demanding an immediate halt to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, hundreds also protested to condemn the Israeli attack, with the Palestinian flag being a common symbol in protest events worldwide.

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