8 Days of Israeli Aggression: Palestinian Health Ministry Reports 2,329 Fatalities and 9,042 Injuries

The Gaza Health Ministry revealed today, Sunday, that 2,329 civilians have lost their lives, with 9,042 others sustaining various injuries, following eight days of Israeli aggression on the enclave.

According to Palestinian media outlets, the Health Ministry stated that hospitals are struggling in the face of the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza.

In a released statement, the Ministry urged citizens to head to the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, all hospitals, and the Blood Bank Association and its branches across Gaza's governorates for immediate blood donations.

The Ministry emphasized that ambulance teams are facing significant challenges in evacuating victims due to the extensive destruction inflicted upon residential areas and the roads leading to hospitals.

It was also noted that "70% of the population in Gaza and North Gaza are deprived of refugee health services after UNRWA evacuated its centers and halted its operations."

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