Egyptian Journalists Syndicate: Western Media Committed a Bias Crime in Coverage

The professional unions convened a coordination meeting regarding the measures to support the Palestinian people following the continuous bombardment of Gaza since October 7th.

The meeting was attended by several professional syndicate leaders and members of their boards, including Dr. Tarek Saada, head of the journalists' syndicate, Dr. Osama Abdel-Hay, head of the doctors' syndicate, Dr. Khaled Salim

head of the veterinary doctors' syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, head of the actors' syndicate, Hisham Saudi, deputy head of the engineers' syndicate, Dr. Mohamed Alaa, secretary-general of the dentists' syndicate, and Mohamed Radi Masoud, a member of the bar association council representing the head, along with members of the journalists' syndicate and other professional unions.

Khaled Al-Balshi, head of the journalists' syndicate, stated that multiple professional syndicates have declared their support for the Palestinian cause and efforts to aid the Palestinian people. He mentioned relief committees formed by the journalists, doctors, and lawyers syndicates.

He added, "The purpose of this invitation and meeting is to coordinate efforts in favor of the Palestinian people. We will act as professional syndicates based on an agreed-upon formula, working towards providing tangible, material, legal support, and establishing a committee to monitor violations under a unified dossier."

Al-Balshi emphasized that professional syndicates should play an active role in supporting the Palestinian people and their cause. He extended his regards to Tarek Al-Nabarawy, head of the engineers' syndicate, wishing him a speedy recovery for his commitment to communication and support. He also noted that the head of the lawyers' syndicate expressed regret for not being present and assured his participation in future events.

He continued, "From the very first moment, given the severity of the brutality committed by the occupation, we decided not to limit our response to protests or statements. There have been previous professional syndicate-led events supporting Palestine, and we proposed the creation of joint professional committees and popular campaigns to support Palestine."

He explained, "We established a committee to monitor the violations committed by Western media, which committed a crime against the Palestinian people by displaying a clear bias towards the occupation. This committee can be joined by other syndicates."

The head of the Egyptian journalists proposed reviving a unified account or creating a joint account for collecting donations from professional syndicates. He also suggested establishing a committee to support the citizens of Gaza, directing a joint convoy, and forming a legal committee to monitor violations against the Palestinian people, journalists, and media professionals, as well as doctors.

He concluded, "The occupying state resorted to a new law, considering any media outlet conveying a different viewpoint as terrorist, leading to its closure. Of course, we all stand against resettlement or displacement, as it jeopardizes Egyptian national security and the Palestinian cause."

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